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Release Form

Interested in Visiting?

Each person who wishes to visit the Wind River Tribal Buffalo must sign a Release Form. Adults may sign on behalf of minors.
Field Trips

Visiting Expectations

  • Authorized and permitted access only.
  • Everything is protected: do not remove anything from the area.
  • Do not disturb animals, plants, or any other natural feature.
  • Hunting and trapping are strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not litter – pack out what you pack in.
  • Property under ecological and biological study. Please do not disturb area.

With your cooperation, these regulations will protect and preserve this unique landscape. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

The undersigned has requested permission to enter the real property owned by the Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative in unincorporated Morton, Wyoming.

In return for the granting of such permission, the undersigned does hereby assume all risk of injury or death, or damage to any property owned by the undersigned, from any cause whatsoever.

The undersigned acknowledges that injuries are not uncommon in open wilderness properties and that the property owners have taken no precautions to protect persons like the undersigned from the same.

The signature below confirms that the undersigned hereby releases all claims of any sort, if any exist, including those for negligence, against the owner of the subject property and its members, agents, and employees.

If minors are accompanying the undersigned in entering the property, this assumption of risk and release of liability is expressly extended to the rights of said minors. The undersigned represents that he/she/they have full authority to execute this Release on behalf of said minors as guardians.

Access to the Wind River Tribal Buffalo is limited to those individuals who have obtained permission from Jason Baldes.

It is further expressly understood that the undersigned and all members of the undersigned’s party shall strictly comply with all rules and regulations in force at the subject properties.

If the undersigned and/or anyone in the undersigned’s party shall cause damage of any kind to the subject property, he/she/they shall be fully responsible for the cost of correcting same or compensating the owner as provided by law.

It is further agreed that the undersigned does hereby indemnify and hold the owner harmless from all claims or liability which may arise due to acts or omissions of the undersigned or anyone in the undersigned’s party and this includes reimbursement of all costs of defense incurred by the owner.

The undersigned is advised to consult legal counsel before signing this Release.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.

Release Form