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About Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative

Buffalo Restoration is a Form of Reconciliation

The Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative was founded by Jason Baldes in early 2022 to be a local entity providing reconnection to Buffalo. The acquisition of new property gave the initiative a headquarters and a beginning — a spark to ignite our community’s re-connection with Buffalo and their role in our lives, our health, and our history.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Land rematriation, community revitalization, and youth education through restoration of conservation Buffalo.

Our Vision

Thousands of Buffalo on tens of thousands of acres, protected under Tribal law as wildlife.

Our Values

Buffalo Petroglyph

What is Rematriation?

“Land rematriation is restoring keystone species and land ownership to Tribes. Much of what was brought here was patriarchal. The culture of Buffalo has been matriarchal. Rematriation is giving back to Mother Earth, bringing back a holistic connection, and empowering the role of women.”

– Jason Baldes, Founder

Wind River Buffalo Initiative herd

What We Do

Land Acquisition
Through partnerships and collaborations with entities supportive of the mission, we’re aiming to raise millions of dollars to reacquire private lands to expand habitat for conservation Buffalo within the Wind River Reservation.

Buffalo Management
We strive to be a leader in Buffalo conservation, management, and training. We’re creating opportunities for the next generation to get inspired through youth engagement and empowerment, and teaching about Buffalo and wildlife conservation.

Education and Curriculum Building
As we reincorporate Buffalo into our lives, diets, and ceremonies, we’re rewriting the story of Buffalo and people together. The initiative is working with partners to develop curriculum for the reconnection to Buffalo.

Collin O'Mara
“There is nowhere in the world I would rather be because I think that what we are doing here today can actually create a ripple effect that spreads throughout the American west and hopefully beyond.” [At the buffalo release]

– Collin O’Mara, President and CEO, National Wildlife Federation


Donations help bring Buffalo back to the Wind River Reservation. Your gift will be used to reacquire lands, fund management and activities, and restore conservation Buffalo.

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