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Science & Research

Studies of Buffalo and Wind River

As conservation Buffalo make a return to areas of North America where they once roamed, research plays an important role in securing its preservation and protection. Here, we offer a collection of articles about Buffalo management, Tribal health, and Wind River land management.

Research Articles

Estimating probabilities of active brucellosis infection in Yellowstone bison through quantitative serology and tissue culture

John J. Treanor, Chris Geremia, Philip H. Crowley, John J. Cox, Patrick J. White, Rick L. Wallen, Douglas W. Blanton

Management of Yellowstone bison and brucellosis transmission risk – Implications for conservation and restoration

P.J. White, Rick L. Wallen, Chris Geremia, John J. Treanor, Douglas W. Blanton

Spatial Population Structure of Yellowstone Bison

Edward M. Olexa, Peter J.P. Gogan

Vaccination strategies for managing brucellosis in Yellowstone bison

John J. Treanor, Joseph S. Johnson, Rick L. Wallen, Sara Cilles, Philip H. Crowley, John J. Cox, David S. Maehr, P.J. White, Glenn E. Plumb

Carrying capacity, migration, and dispersal in Yellowstone bison

Glenn E. Plumb, P.J. White, Michael B. Coughenour, Rick L. Wallen

Demography of Central Yellowstone Bison: Effects of Climate, Density, and Disease

Chris Geremia, P.J. White, Robert A. Garrott, Rick W. Wallen, Keith E. Aune, John Treanor, Julie A. Fuller

Partial Migration in Central Yellowstone Bison

Jason E. Bruggeman, P.J. White, Robert A. Garrott, Fred G.R. Watson

The Wind River Indian Tribes (PDF)

Don Aragon

Building Healthy Tribal Nations in Montana and Wyoming Through Collaborative Research and Development

Steve R. Andersen, Gordon M. Belcourt, and Kathryn M. Langwell

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