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See Territories Over Time

Buffalo once roamed North America by the millions, and Native people relied on them for everything from food to tools and shelter. In recent history, there has been a focus on prioritizing the High Plains for agriculture and cattle grazing. Today, we aim to find balance by restoring wildlife species, like Buffalo, and co-managing lands in holistic, traditional ways.

Historical Tribal Land Claims

shrinking native american land claims map
Map showing original Native American territories.

Shrinking Tribal Land Claims

Shrinking Tribal Land Claims

Treaties & Agreements

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Wind River Buffalo Program

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What does the future look like?

There are more opportunities on the horizon for Buffalo restoration in Wind River, such as collaborating with National Parks and National Forests on wildlife co-management.

We are also working on establishing a corridor to transfer conservation Buffalo from Yellowstone to Wind River, for quarantine and re-distribution to other Tribes for more program expansion.

If you’re interested in helping to further these programs, you can help by donating to the National Wildlife Federation.

Envisioning the future

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