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Denver Donates 30 Bison to Tribal Nations

March 20, 2023

On March 15, 2023, 29 Buffalo were transported from Genesee to the Wind River Indian Reservation. This year’s transfer includes 17 bison to the Northern Arapaho Tribe and 12 to the Eastern Shoshone Tribe. This momentous occasion has created a buzz locally, nationally, and internationally.

National/International News:

US tribes get bison as they seek to restore bond with animal – Associated Press
AP’s story was picked up by numerous outlets throughout the nation and world including, California, Seattle, Honolulu, Canada, and Taiwan

Local News:

City of Denver gives bison to tribal nations – CBS Colorado

City of Denver gives bison from mountain park to tribal nations – CBS News Video

Denver donates 30 bison to Tribal Nations – Denverite

Denver donates bison to tribes across the Great Plains – KDVR FOX31

Denver gives 35 more bison to tribal nations – Axios

35 Colorado bison returned to Native lands – 9News

Colorado Voices | Bison transferred back to Tribal Nations – PBS

US tribes get bison as they seek to restore bond with animal – Denver 7

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